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Heating Solutions in Columbia, SC

Water Heaters and Heat Pumps

South Carolina is known for its heat and humidity. Due to the increased humidity, you really feel it when the temperature drops. It’s still just as important to invest in heating as well as air conditioning. There are usually two ways to heat a house: heat pumps and water heaters. Heat pumps are vapor compression refrigeration devices. They transfer heat energy to a place called a heart sink.
Heat pumps also fuel water heaters. Water heaters are generally more energy efficient. Heat pumps work like refrigerators in reverse. We have been installing water heaters and heat pumps in South Carolina for over 40 years. Give the experts a call if you have any questions.
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Common Furnace Problems

Have you ever noticed that when something is working perfectly, you don’t notice it? If something is wrong, it’s all you can focus on. We don’t want you to be stuck without heating. There are some simple things you can check to prevent furnace problems. Keep an eye out for dirty filters, a common cause of clogs. General wear and tear is also something to watch for. Be sure to check for these signs regularly. If you spot any issues, call Robert L. Shealy Heating & Air Conditioning for help!

How to Fix a Heater

It’s frustrating to be without a heater no matter when it happens. We’ve trained our whole staff to be prompt and efficient when dealing with a problem. We just ask that you first check a few things for us. First, make sure the furnace is getting power and the switch is turned on. That may seem basic, but it can often solve a lot of problems. It is also helpful to check your thermostat settings, thermostat batteries and furnace filters. For any further problems, we are only a phone call away.
Robert L. Shealy Heating & Air Conditioning has more than 50 years of experience serving homeowners in the Columbia, South Carolina, area. For heater or air conditioning repairs, give us a call at 803-796-1923!